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The Perfect Sunday Routine to Have a Productive Week

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content Write out your goals Writing down your goals for the next week, whether they’re health goals or work goals, will give you some focus for the… View Post

RED January The Struggle Is Real (days 14-20)

This week I sort of felt like I was doing the bare minimum but I was happy that I managed to get out every day even when I was busy and had plans. I’ve had… View Post

A Beginners Guide to Running With Your Dog

Before I get into my tips for running with your dog, let me tell you some things about my Labrador, Darcy, and what a rascal she was, which should give you somewhat of an insight… View Post

Permanent at Home Laser Hair Removal ~ Braun Silk Expert 5 Review

Have you ever gone to put on your running shorts, skirt or cropped trousers and thought ‘oh no, I haven’t shaved my legs’ and frantically grab your razor from the bathroom and shave any areas… View Post

RED January ~ The Good the Beyoncé and the Flamincorn (Days 7-13)

When I started this running blog back in January of 2018, I always wanted it to be an authentic account of my running journey. No sugar coating. No making things look better than they were.… View Post