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Cheap But Cute DIY Medal Holder

When I first got into running races (ahem, mostly to collect medals) I quickly decided I needed a medal holder to display all of my race bling. I scoured the interweb and found some really… View Post

How to Avoid Blogger Burnout

In 2008, The New York Times identified a phenomenon called ‘Death by Blogging’ with the sit up and read headline ‘In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop‘. Read the full post… View Post

The 4 Waterfalls Walk + Essentials

The 4 Waterfalls Walk This week’s workouts were the most fun I’ve had in a long time and it was all down to the 4 Waterfalls Walk in the Brecon Beacons. Absolutely stunning views and… View Post

Warmley Forest Park 5k Race Review

The Warmley Forest Park 5k is described by race organisers as ‘a stunning off-road, multi-terrain course that will transverse over a mixture of woodland, scrub and open grassland with a small section of the route… View Post

Beginners Guide to Running Trails

Let me tell you how I became addicted to trail running. I’d just taken up running back in 2016 and I was searching the internet for races that were close to me. I found one… View Post