The Garmin 5k Training Plan Running Journals – Week 1

Welcome back to the blog and FINALLY I’m able to write a training journal again after being injured for 8 LONG MONTHS! I’m writing a post detailing the Garmin 5k training plan and putting it… View Post

How to Keep Running When You Really Really Want to Stop

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Diary of an Injured Runner Take 2

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How to Not Go Stir-Crazy When You’re Suffering From an Injury

Belle’s Running Blog is, at the moment, ‘Belle’s Hobbling Blog’! I’ve been diagnosed with tendonitis in my right foot and I’ve been unable to put weight on it for nearly 2 weeks to date, with… View Post

Runner on Crutches – A Shocking Diagnosis

What a week! I get a totally shocking diagnosis this week after a swift visit to A&E when my pain came back and became unbearable… you won’t believe what they told me and how they… View Post