How to Not Go Stir-Crazy When You’re Suffering From an Injury

How to Not Go Stir-Crazy When You’re Suffering From an Injury

Belle’s Running Blog is, at the moment, ‘Belle’s Hobbling Blog’!

I’ve been diagnosed with tendonitis in my right foot and I’ve been unable to put weight on it for nearly 2 weeks to date, with no signs of improvement any time soon.

This means my normal routines have been difficult to maintain and day to day life has been challenging.

While I wouldn’t describe myself as ‘outdoorsy’ I would say that I was active and sitting on the sofa for weeks on end isn’t my idea of a relaxing time!

So here are some tips on how you can keep upbeat if you’ve become a little immobile and I’ll share some of the tricks I use to get around the house.

Keep to a morning routine

If you’re stuck at home and unable to leave the house, try and still keep to your usual morning routine.

For me, this is washing my face, brushing my teeth, moisturising, doing my hair, putting in my contact lenses and getting dressed. I’m not ‘dressing up’ necessarily but I make sure I completely change out of the clothes I went to bed in to get me out of ‘slob’ mode.

Change the air

If you aren’t able to change your surroundings throughout the day, try and change the air in the room that you’re in.

The weather right now is a little chilly, but I like to open the back door, let the rabbit have a run around the garden and get a bit of fresh air into the house (even if he does get soaking wet from sitting outdoors).

When it starts to get dark I light some candles, switch on my cozy lights and change the mood in the house.

Do small household chores

I’m pretty immobile at the moment but I’m trying my best to keep on top of some easy household chores. Not only does this get me off of the sofa but it makes my living space just a little nicer, instead of trying to fight through a mountain of dishes (not so good for my mood).

I push my little footstool up against the sink and kneel up to do the washing up which only takes a few minutes. I’m not exactly cooking large elaborate meals at the moment because I can’t stand for long so I don’t have too much washing up to start with.

Try and stick to a healthy diet

When you eat rubbish, you feel rubbish and if you’re suffering from an injury, you’re probably already feeling rubbish enough already.

Try and have some healthy snacks and food in your cupboards so you’re not reaching for the chocolate bars and crisps. If you don’t have anything healthy in, order your groceries so it’s delivered to your home so there are no excuses.

Think of things like carrot sticks and hummus, celery and peanut butter and other quick and healthy snacks that don’t need any preparation.

Buy already prepared salad mixes so you don’t have to chop anything to make meals much quicker and easier to prepare (also less washing up!).

Don’t isolate yourself

Invite friends or family over to give yourself a little change of scenery. Sitting at home staring at the same 4 walls is bound to drive you insane if you’re unable to get around for a long period of time.

If you aren’t able to invite friends or family over but you have a furry friend, give them lots of cuddles and attention instead. They’re bound to feel grateful for the extra attention.

Do things that make you happy

Watch your favourite film or do something that makes you happy like watching some YouTube tutorials and practice some new makeup. Preferably you want to do something that gets you up and moving as much as you can so dust off some of your hobbies and don’t sit stagnant on the couch.

Bust out your favourite nail polish and paint your nails to make you feel a bit more glam.

Mobility Tips


If you’re able to use crutches I’d say go for it. It gives you a lot more freedom to get around while also resting injured areas and I feel like I’m going to recover a lot quicker by keeping the weight off my foot.

I was previously hobbling around and most likely injuring other areas of my body by walking in a skewed way.


My footstool has been my absolute lifesaver. It means I’m able to kneel up to the sink to do the washing up and do some bits and pieces. I’ll also put things on top of it and push it along the floor so I don’t have to carry anything.


This might seem like a weird suggestion but if I need to carry something from one area of the house to another, I’ll pop it into my backpack so I can carry things better upstairs or just around the house without unbalancing myself too much (especially while on crutches).

Don’t go anywhere empty-handed

A rule that I use to keep my house tidy even when I’m not injured, don’t move from one area of the house to another empty-handed.

This is obviously more difficult if you’re having trouble walking in the first place or using crutches but if you’re able to take even something small with you, take it along with you.

This is going to be really useful in keeping your areas clean and tidy so you are eliminating any trip hazards and will also keep your home feeling homey rather than cluttered.

I hope some of these tips will help you feel a little better if you’re having difficulty getting around. Keep your spirits up, trust in the healing process and use this as an opportunity to relax!

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