196 Day Challenge ~ Week 5

196 Day Challenge ~ Week 5

This week, I get a diagnosis for my ‘hobble’ and it’s not the best news but it’s also not the worst news ever.

Sunday ~ day 29

After all of my hobbling around on the weekend, today is going to be a total rest day because I perhaps over did it going out in town Friday and Saturday nights…

Monday ~ day 30

Against my better judgement, I decided to drive today. I hate asking for help, I hate not being able to do things myself but it perhaps wasn’t the smartest decision.

Driving didn’t hurt too bad but it definitely didn’t feel good either. Unfortunately, everything is really far away in the office so I had to do a lot of hobbling around.

I’m trying not to let this put my challenge to a halt!

Tuesday ~ day 31

Managed to keep off my feet a fair bit today but it didn’t help the pain

Wednesday ~ day 32

Finally got a resolution today, and there was no break on the x-ray which was great news!

The doctor thinks I have tendonitis though and I’ve been given some really strong painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets and been told to rest it.

I’m not good at resting and I’m not good at not being able to do to things so these things are going to be the real challenge.

What is also a challenge is trying to carry my drinks out of the kitchen without spilling them all over the floor… turns out, I can actually solve this one!

Thursday ~ day 33

Obviously, no improvements today which is unfortunate and disappointing. I thought that with all of this down-time, I’d be able to get tons of Spanish done amongst other things but I’ve been a total slob and just sat on the sofa and watched Netflix

Friday ~ day 34

Tried to make an effort and get myself off of the sofa today. I dare say my foot feels a little better so I don’t need my crutches quite as much now but I’m still very much hobbling and very much in pain.

I made a list of all of the things that I need to do to make myself feel better now that I can’t get around and I’m going stir crazy already and I’ve only been ‘resting’ it since Wednesday!

Saturday ~ day 35

I’m still in pain and still hobbling around but my foot feels ever so slightly better today. All this rest and those tablets are clearly doing some good.

I’ve already been thinking about when I can get back to the gym! I’m absolutely devastated that I’m wasting my money not being able to go. If I could get there to swim that would be great but I still can’t drive at the moment so I’ll have to be patient a while longer.

I even considered using my spin bike at home and cycling with one leg… I mean, it’s still an option!

One thing we always take for granted is when we’re healthy and well and when we’re struck down with sickness we think ‘I wish I’d appreciated being healthy’

I’ve been out of action before but I’ve never been this immobile for quite so long and it’s been a mental challenge as well as a physical one.

I feel like I’m just about seeing a dot of light on the horizon and I’ve got high hopes for a breakthrough next week! Watch this space because the days are ticking by and I’m not intending to waste any more of them!

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