Why women make such great runners

Who run the world… Girls!!! Literally!

Don’t been fooled by our quaffed hair and dainty mannerisms, women make the best runners and here are some of the reasons why.

They have amazing mental resilience

The modern-day woman has to deal with full time high pressured jobs, multiple children, husbands, partners, parents, social lives, keeping fit, maintaining a home, improving themselves, living their best lives and generally keeping everyone happy.

If that doesn’t show tough mental resiliance then I don’t know what does. If you can keep on top of any one of those things then running is a walk in the park in comparison!

Let’s not also forget that women have to deal with catcalling, name-calling and safety issues all while trying to get a run in.

Women are physically strong

While men are naturally stronger than women, women are proving that across very long distances, they’re running right alongside even the best male endurance runners.

In April 2018, Desiree Linden won the Boston Marathon under extreme weather conditions to beat all of the other men out there, which is all the proof you need!

They have supportive friends

Women turn out in flocks to attend Race for Life events (which have always been for women only but I believe men are now able to participate) and they support each other every step of the way.

Tanya’s fallen over in her fancy dress outfit but, unlike guys who would likely spend at least a couple of seconds laughing, the rest of the girls are there to give her a hand up and a motivational boost ‘run like Brad Pitt is standing at the finish line’.

Running is harder for women but they get on with it anyway

Women typically carry more body fat, have a higher risk of injury due to hip positioning and have smaller hearts to move the oxygen around their body than men. But even though compared to men they’re at a slight disadvantage, they don’t mope around the house feeling sorry for themselves, they get out and run anyway, despite these challenges!

They are tenacious

If you’ve ever run with a male of any kind, doesn’t it always seem like they can do half the amount of training and run twice as easier as you? But you know what, they’re still going to run with you.

If you think being a female runner is awesome too, let me know why you think you make such a great runner too!

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