The Ultimate Easy Guide to Confidence

The Easy Guide to More Confidence

Want to have as much confidence as Beyonce on a good day? You’ve come to the right place.

Here is the Ultimate Easy Guide to increasing your confidence in no time and get you out there living your best happy life!

Being more confident can take time so go easy on yourself and try out these little tips and learn how you can gain confidence one day at a time.

Positive Thinking

Thinking more positively a little bit every day will give you a healthier mindset. If you open your eyes when you wake up in the morning and tell yourself it’s going to be an awful day, it probably will be.

As soon as you start to notice those negative thoughts creeping in, stop them in their tracks and replace them with some positive thoughts instead.

Try saying things like ‘you are going to have an awesome day today’ and ‘you’re so lucky to have so many blessings in life’. I guarantee you changing this mindset before you even leave your bed is going to set you up for a sunnier disposition.

Make sure you’re speaking to yourself in a kind manner and in a way that you would speak to a loved one. No one tells their partner before they leave for work ‘you’re going to have a terrible day today’ so you shouldn’t tell yourself that either.

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Take care of your appearance

While I don’t personally believe that your appearance is the crux of self confidence, if you’re wearing clothes or jewellery that make you feel more confident, you’ll act like you are too!

Try wearing your hair in a different style to the one you usually wear, test out a new perfume or buy yourself something that makes you feel uber fancy and wear that.

If you’re trying out something different and you’re afraid what other people might say, don’t! It’s your life, you only get one chance at it and it’s not your business what someone else thinks of you that’s their business!

Be kind and generous

Being kind and generous throughout your day will give you oodles of self-confidence. This goes beyond how you feel about yourself and spills out into the lives of other people too.

Seeing how happy you have made someone will have a positive effect on your mental attitude and general outlook on life.

You don’t have to do life changing things to be kind and generous they can be small acts of kindness too like complimenting someone on an outfit or telling someone you appreciate them.

Pay attention to your body language

Studies suggest that 97% of our communication is nonverbal. That’s an awful lot you’re saying to others without even opening your mouth!

If you’re sitting slouched all day at your desk, you’re going to feel slouched on the inside too. Try sitting up in your chair and paying attention to how different you feel when your body language is different.

Pay close attention to what you may be projecting to others with your body language. Are you ‘closed off’ to others with crossed legs and arms and avoiding eye contact?

Try making small changes to your body language while in conversation and see how much of a difference it makes to your confidence when speaking. Have forward facing open palms and show others that you’re open to their opinions and suggestions.

When you walk past people in the street or in your office, don’t tiptoe past them or crouch lower, walk past confidently like you know where you’re going and you’re going to have a great time getting there (even if it is only the kitchenette!).

Project an image in your mind of having confidence

This is one of my all time favourite confidence boosting tricks!

If you have a presentation looming and you’re worried about not appearing confident enough, play through you presenting it in your mind and EVERY TIME imagine yourself how you WANT to be.

Imagine yourself smashing out a stellar presentation performance and actually see yourself doing it with poise and determination. Run through this scenario as many times as you can in your mind before the event, I can promise you it works!

Eat well and exercise regularly

If you feel yucky on the inside, you’ll project yuckiness (it’s a word I’m trying out) on the outside too.

If you’re not one for working out I highly recommend starting as there’s nothing quite like feeling the confidence of getting fitter and more healthy. Even better is the feeling of smashing your workout goals whether that’s running for a little longer or lifting something a little heavier.

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Be grateful

We can often overlook just how privileged we are when we’re suffering with low confidence but it’s important for you to continually recognise the things in your life that make you feel grateful.

Whether that’s your health, your family, your friends, even your pets. Take a look around and find one thing daily that you’re grateful for and really appreciate what that means to you and what a positive effect it has on your life.

Imagine not having that thing for a moment and give yourself a whole new level of appreciation for it. Don’t spend time looking at what you DON’T have in life and start looking at what you DO.

Take care of your mental health

If you don’t have your mental health in check, everything else is going to suffer too. If you notice that you are struggling with your mental health this is going to have a massive effect on your self-confidence.

Please do not suffer in silence and talk to a loved one, trusted confident or health professional. Your mental health is important and you should treat it like you would any other aspect of your physical health.

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Learn something new

Learning something new can give your confidence a new lease of life!

I bet there’s something that you’ve always wanted to do but never have for a multitude of reasons. I urge you to go out there and do it!

You might find hidden talents that you never knew you had and becoming an ‘expert’ at something new will make you feel super confident and perhaps even the realisation that you’re pretty awesome and you can do anything you put your mind to!

Take it one step further and teach someone the very thing you’re now a pro at and you’ll get a double whammy of the feels.

Practice mindfulness and meditation

Meditation has so many benefits I can’t even begin to start listing them in this post!

If you’ve never tried meditation before where have you been! It’s very easy to get started, take a look on YouTube, Spotify and podcasts which have tons of guided meditations for you to try out.

At first it may seem like you cannot still your mind but with a little bit of training you can control your thoughts and bring yourself to the present moment, something that in this day and age, we’re terrible at doing!

Mindfulness can take many forms and it’s a type of meditation that you can do while undertaking any task. One way you can practice mindfulness is by taking a walk with some beautiful surroundings and really taking in every step, every breath, every sight that you see which will give you a unique perspective that you may not have had before.

Do not compare yourself to others

Just don’t do it!

Everyone is on their own journey, at their own pace at their own time of life. Your journey is not going to be the same as someone else’s and that doesn’t mean they’re ‘better’ than you.

You can’t compare your start to someone else’s middle or end and take comfort in knowing that there is no ‘end goal’ in life. Live every day with appreciation and if you’re on a journey, that’s the fun part, not the arriving!

Face your fears

Easy right! Well obviously not otherwise everyone would be doing it!

The act of facing your fears will give you a confidence and sense of liberation like no other. This is something that is unique to your personal circumstances and conquering them will make you feel like a brand new you.

If you’ve got a fear of something that is really holding you back, do some research on how you can overcome it and if necessary see a professional to help you if it’s really affecting your life.

Surround yourself with confident people

Confidence breeds confidence and by surrounding yourself with people who are already confident will give you a sense of confidence too.

See how confident people behave and take anything you can learn from them to apply to your behaviour. I’m not saying to copy someone and become their doppelganger just notice things that you can change about yourself to make you feel more confident.

You want to be you, just a more confident version of you.

I hope you’ve found some of these confidence tips useful and remember, the more you practice, the easier it will get!

Let me know your foolproof confidence tricks in the comments below and let’s ride high on the confidence wave!

The easy guide to confidence

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