Stop Living for the Weekends and Start Living with Purpose

Stop Living for the Weekends and Start Living with Purpose

Hands up if you can relate to the following scenario.

“It’s Monday, phew ok I can do this, I’ve got this, it’s all fine. I stayed up late last night procrastinating from admitting that I have to be up early for work and ended up being tired but I can have an early night tomorrow”

“Everyone knows Tuesday is the worst day of the week, it’s like a double Monday. I need to try and get all of my chores done tonight so I have more time on the weekends and I can chill out so I’ve gone to bed late again”

“Happy Hump Day y’all. I’m soaring, I’m flying. No, I’m actually flagging. My 3 late nights in a row are starting to make me feel a bit… no it’s fine we’re half way through the week”

“Thursyay is the new Friyay. I’m starting to wind down and it’s nearly the weekend so I’m going to treat myself to a late night and I’ll catch up on the weekend”

“Right well, it’s the weekend, I’m exhausted I’m going to spend some time lazing around for a bit because I deserve it but MAN I’m tired but it’s fine because I’m going to the party tonight and then tomorrow I’m seeing Susan and then in the evening I’m going out for a meal and then Sunday I’m meeting Dad for brunch and then I’m going to meal prep and pack my bag for Monday and oh shoot it’s Monday again, how is that possible, it’s gone way too quickly”.

PHEW. It’s exhausting just reading that let alone living it every single week!

This is the new ‘normal’ for most of humankind.

So it’s easy to see how you can wish your Monday to Friday days away. You might consider your job boring and unfulfilling which just adds to the dread you might feel every Sunday night at having to relive it all over again for another week.

This is making for a depressing read right! But what if… you didn’t live for the weekends?

What if you lived every day of your life with more purpose and meaning and instead of having a measly 104 delightful days of weekend bliss you had 365 opportunities for living your best life.

Yes! I see it, I like it, I want it, now I have to get it! And here’s how you can.

Stop saving ‘nice’ things for special occasions

I know someone that invested heavily in a designer brand makeup item. When asked about said product they replied ‘I only use it for special occasions though’.

And that got me thinking. How many of your days are considered ‘special occasions’? Is it Fridays? Is it weddings or Christenings? Your birthday?

Now lets think about this logically. Imagine you have 3 ‘special occasions’ within 6 months. Wouldn’t your designer makeup product have dried up or expired by now? What a waste of a purchase.

Why not wear it twice a week? Or every other day? The time will pass any way you might as well get some use and pleasure from it and bathe in the ‘nice’ feeling more than on the odd occasion.

It’s the same with your working week. Why are you saving all of the ‘good stuff’ for the weekends?

Drink the expensive champagne, have that indulgent bubble bath, eat that delicious desert any day of the week and make every day a little bit more ‘nice’.

Make plans throughout the working week

This might be a shock to you but… you can actually make plans during the week! I know right! You’re thinking I’m revolutionary aren’t you.

Why are you saving your cinema date with friends until Friday night? Why not break up your week and make it on a Wednesday instead.

You might find yourself living for another day other than Saturday and Sunday if you make the most of all of the days!

Want to have a film night? Have one every Tuesday evening. Want to learn a new hobby or skill? Do that on a Thursday. Want to make a home cooked meal? How about a Monday?

This is also going to help you to live your life with more purpose and meaning.

Find something you enjoy doing and do it every day

I’m going to use blogging as example because that is A) something I enjoy doing and B) something I can work on a little bit every day.

I love creating, writing, designing, organising and planning and blogging encompasses all of those things into one. Why would I only want to ‘save’ this for the weekend?

Imagine how much progress you could make on a project or task if you worked on it throughout the week as well as the weekends.

Want to love Mondays, leave your 9 to 5 and make your side hustle your job? Work on it every evening.

You’ll feel so accomplished that you managed to put effort in during the week and not just on the weekends. You’ll get there much quicker, your enthusiasm will stay high and you’ll feel more motivated.

Do less of the stuff you don’t want to do

How about we start with household chores. When you leave home for a holiday or vacation, do you worry about how dusty your house is getting and how you need to be doing x, y and z and long for the day you’re back safe and sound so you can get on with it all? Please say no.

I have learned that cleaning the house will always be there. Sure it’s important but it’s not urgent and some chores aren’t even necessary. Make time for fun stuff, don’t make time for adding more chores to your days.

Go to bed early

You’re probably thinking ‘sure, great advice but how is this going to stop me living for the weekends’?

If you were one of the people who could relate to the scenario at the beginning of the post then you are probably the also the sort of person who does’t go to bed as early as they should.

Every day is precious, not just those that begin with the letter S (and sometimes F) and you’ll want be energetic for all 365 of them!

Going to bed at a reasonable hour will give you more mental clarity, will provide you with more energy and you’ll take this into the weekend and beyond.

Getting enough sleep is so underrated, you really will come on in leaps and bounds when you’re fully rested.

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Conclusion: Just imagine that you live to be 100 years old. If you’ve wished your life away from Monday to Friday and lived for every weekend that you’ve been on this planet you’ll have lived for a grand total of 10,400 days of your life.

Now imagine this. You live to be 100 years old. You’ve made every day count that you’ve been on this planet and been grateful for every blessing, every happy moment and really lived all of your days with purpose. That means you’d have lived 36,500 days living your best life.

Now tell me, who doesn’t want that…

How to stop living for the weekends and how to live your best life every day!
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