20+ Pretty Garmin Fenix 5s Watch Faces for Girls

20+ Pretty Garmin Fenix 5s Watch Faces for Girls

One of my favourite things about my Garmin Fenix 5s is how customisable it is. You can rearrange every menu, every screen and even the watch face. Being a girly-girl, I subsequently noticed that the majority of the watch faces in the Connect IQ app, were designed with men in mind.

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A constant climate change reminder with this melting iceberg with a lowly polar bear sitting atop

As a result of the poor watch face choices with a more feminine touch, I scoured all 31 pages of the app to find the most pretty of the watch faces so you don’t have to. No, I don’t want one that looks like some fighter jet control board, thank you so much.

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If you love any of these designs don’t forget to acknowledge the creator and in some cases you can make a donation to them!

Animal Themed Garmin Watch Faces

This is one of my favourite watch faces which is why it’s the first on the list! It was created to “remind people to consider major impacts on regional climate melting of floating ice in the future”

Cute cat watch face holding his catch of the day! Displays step total and goal along with remaining battery life.

Watch this neon cat dance around your watch face which has a simple date and time function. According to the creator, the rainbow turns dull when the bluetooth signal drops. If you like cats, check this one out!

A simple butterfly style edging that shows the date along with miles and calories burned. I like this watch face, however, it appears quite dull in certain lighting.

Another one of my favourites, the Party Parrot! When you move your wrist the parrot is having a party for one all while changing colour with his cool shades on displaying a simple date and time. Once I’d set this watch face, I couldn’t seem to add any others so I think it was a sign, the parrot stays. If you like this watchface, send a donation to the creator via link in app.

“The Mid-Autumn Festival (also called the Moon Festival) is a harvest festival celebrated in China as a time of gathering, thanksgiving and prayer. The tragic myth of Chang’e, The Moon Goddess, and the hero Houyl is shown in commemoration”

This watch face is absolutely gorgeous, I loved it on my watch. The animal background changes to other threatened animals from Malaysia (I won’t spoil them for you). The outer ring calculates your daily steps and goal. This face has really vibrant colours and this little guy’s eye moves around which was cute.

If you like leopard print, this is the watch face for you! They also do a zebra version of this design which is nice too. Shows a big time display with kcals, miles and date at the top. Simple but classic.

I wasn’t entirely sure if this fell into the animal category but it doesn’t look human so here’s where it ended up! A constant reminder that ‘everything is fine’ while the fire burns around him and he sips on his cup of coffee. If you like this design, please donate to the creator via the app.

Revered by the Thai people, this elephant watch face has a clear easy to read design as he makes his way across the screen and spouting some water.

If someone could design a Labrador themed watch face I’d be over the moon but failing that, someone has designed this Shiba Inu watch face for the dog lovers out there.

You want a cute bunny on your watch? No problem. Here’s a super cute lop ear for you to awwwww at. Really simple design, can’t help but think he looks like he’s judging you but whatever.

Flower Themed Garmin Watch Faces

New to the Connect app, this background changing watch face is very clear and the colours are vibrant. A must of all of those looking for a flower themed watch face.

The flower grows in alignment with your daily steps and will be fully grown once you hit your step goal. Simple but pretty design if you like flowers but don’t want a full bouquet on your arm.

Landscape Themed Garmin Watch Faces

This is another one of my favourite watch faces, this picture and the pictures I took of it doesn’t do it justice. Looks really chic, really clear and although it has a lot of detail it’s not too overcrowded as a watch face. The Eiffel Tower here I come!

This watch face changes with different views of the mountain across different seasons. Lovely design of Mount Fuji which is bright and clear on the watch itself.

Cartoon Themed Garmin Watch Faces

It’s Mario and he’s back in the 21st century! This was the first watch face I ever put onto my new Garmin and the little Mario cartoon jumps and runs along the screen. One downfall for me was that the clouds at certain times would obstruct the time display and I was so willing for Mario to scoot down a tube but he never does (spoiler alert!). If you like this watch design, please feel free to donate to the creator via the app.

Feeling a little low? Glance down at this simple smiley watch face and be sad no more! Really easy to read, really hard not to smile.

The watch face only becomes colourful when you have reached your step goal! The black and white design while you’re accumulating your steps though is still neat and the pizzas just… well make me want to eat pizza. Warning this will make you want snacks! If you enjoy this watch face feel free to donate to the creator via the app.

I didn’t think this watch face was particularly ‘girly’ but as a female, I did enjoy it, looks very nice on the watch and the colours are clear and vibrant. While I don’t enjoy road cycling much, I do enjoy the spin bike so if you’re into that, you might like this face which is also fairly customisable to your colour preferences.

Time Display Garmin Watch Faces

Before you judge on this watch face and say that it’s more ‘masculine’ as a design, it’s highly customisable from the background colour (you can change this to white) and each of the time, date and other displays. I had mine set up with a white background and pink and purple themed so have a play around with it and make it prettier.

Neon is back! In this new addition to the Garmin Watch faces it’s nightlife inspired for the girl about town, showing a large time display with a smaller step counter and date. The green outer circle also acts as a battery indicator.

Quote Themed Garmin Watch Faces

There was really only one quote themed watch face that I liked and that’s this ‘I Run This Body’ quote so “show your love of MOVEment with the I Run This Body watch face”.

So there you have it! All of the most feminine watch face designs on the Garmin Connect App (in my opinion obviously). As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I love how you can customise the Garmin Feinx watch faces like this, you need never get bored with your watch again, even more so if you’re changing your watch straps at the same time!

What’ your favourite watch face from the app?

Am I going to Paris, I sure am with this watch face
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