How to Execute a Powerful Girl Boss Morning Routine

How to Execute a Powerful Girl Boss Morning Routine

Rise and shine my lovelies, it’s time to start a new day and be the powerful girl boss that you are. Here is a morning routine that will want to make you hop out of bed and reach your goals EVERY. DAMN. MORNING. There’s no snoozing in this part of town my friend, we’ve got stuff to do!

Wake up early

I know, I know, everyone hates to hear that they have to wake up early but it really should be the first thing to change to shake up your morning routine. You’ll be surprised how much calmer and how much less hectic your day is when you’ve gotten out of bed early.

If you’re having trouble trying to get up earlier, give yourself something to look forward to that will make you want to get up. Try buying some of your favourite coffee or meal prepping the night before a healthy breakfast that you love, anything that will give you an incentive to leave your cozy bed and start your day.

Having trouble getting out of bed? I’ve got the perfect solution for you! A couple of weeks ago I downloaded a free app called Barcode Alarm. The night before you want to wake up early, scan something which is away from your room (such as a shampoo bottle or your toothpaste) and set the alarm. The next morning, the only way you can turn off the alarm is to take your phone to the item you’ve scanned. It’s a sure-fire way to get you out of bed and I can testify that it does work!

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Make your bed

You’ve hopped out of bed with the enthusiasm of a puppy, your first task of the day needs to be making your bed. Don’t put it off just get on and do it! You’ll thank yourself later when you get to flop into a nicely made bedspread, there’s nothing inspiring after a long day to crawling into an unmade dishevelled bed.

Ban yourself from social media

Most people would probably suggest banning your phone entirely from your girl boss morning routine but as we all know, it’s not that easy. The majority of phone users will set their morning alarms with them so it’s unrealistic for you to ban them altogether.

Instead, make a vow to yourself that you won’t laze in bed checking through Instagram, then Twitter, then Facebook to feel completely emotionally drained before you’ve even got out of bed. Don’t check social media! It will still be there later on in the day I promise.

Make positive affirmations a part of your morning routine

We’ve already established that you shouldn’t check social media when you first wake up but what can you do to give yourself a more positive outlook on your day?

Write down some positive, girl-boss affirmations and keep them by your bedside. When you’re waking, read through your positive affirmations list and really think hard about what they mean to you and assure yourself that today is going to be a great day because you are going to make it so.

Visualise your goals and your dreams and use this as motivation to start your day with purpose and determination. If necessary create a vision board that you can see from your bed as additional motivation.

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A glass of water and a healthy breakfast is the order of the day

Nothing is going to make your morning routine quite as powerful as eating a healthy breakfast and drinking a glass of water. Check out some healthy breakfast ideas on Pinterest if you’re tired of the same old cereal or toast.

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Meditate or do some yoga

If you’ve never tried meditation before head over to YouTube for tons of videos on meditation for beginners. There are so many proven benefits of meditation and once you start the practice you’ll quickly notice a change in yourself and your outlook on life.

You don’t think meditation is for you? Try out some yoga videos on YouTube, it’s like having your own guru right in your living room. It will give you a moment of your morning to feel more positive, grounded and ready to take on the challenges of the day ahead.

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Work through your priority to do list

Need to start work on your side hustle but you have a to do list as long as your arm? Make sure you’re prioritising your most important tasks of the day. Some of them may be important but not urgent, others may require immediate attention and others can wait for another day.

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Let me know any of your favourite girl-boss morning routine favourites in the comment section below. Let’s smash our goals in 2019!

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