Easy Healthy Changes I’m Making This Week

Easy Healthy Changes I’m Making This Week

I wanted to share with you the healthy changes I’ve made this week after sort of falling off of the wagon in recent months.

What is it about the dreary, cold, blustery, wet UK weather that really uninspires us and keeps us indoors! I wonder…

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Overhauled my eating habits

This doesn’t just mean what I’m actually eating, although that has had an overhaul too this month (3 days in…) I’m talking about not preparing meals when I’m out of the house too.

I work from the library twice a week for up to 8 hours at a time so grabbing food at the nearest fast food place has been my go-to lately.

There’s a Starbucks right around the corner but gosh isn’t it ever expensive!

Now when I’m working from the library I’m taking a bottle of water and some small grab snacks like seeds and nuts to keep me out of Starbucks for as long as possible.

I’m going back to my old habits of ‘working my way through my fridge’ which basically means I’ve got a lot of healthy food in and I need to be making all of my meals from it until it’s gone. I just hate wasting food with a passion.

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Leaving the Car at Home

Going back to my library working, it was always my intention to walk from home straight to the library on the weekend. However, as I’ve been staying so late it’s often dark by the time I leave so I was going to save the walk for the lighter evenings.

BUT…. over the weekend I was hit with a parking fine from the car park next to the library so you’d better believe that I’m going to be walking up there from now until forever.

It’s around a mile walk, takes me about 20 minutes and I feel much more like a fitness goddess than when I take the car (and I can save money in parking fines).

I should practice what I preach way more on this health and fitness blog! Walking is the way to go (and I don’t feel as guilty having a Starbucks during my break).

Making Time to Relax

I’ve been working so hard this past month that I haven’t really been allowing myself time to relax or to do my usual chores around the house.

Days and weeks have gone by and I haven’t done nearly as many household tasks as I should be doing. 

Me Monday morning: hm… really wish I’d put a wash on at the beginning of the weekend instead of last night and now my work clothes aren’t dry. Okay I guess I’m putting them on damp #winning

So I’m trying to work a lot less and really spend some time focusing on keeping the house up together and relaxing.

It’s so hard for me to do because I am just itching to keep working and minutes go by like hours and before I know it it’s 10pm and I’ve not moved for 8 hours.

Not exactly a healthy habit!

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Make Time for Working Out

I’ve been really missing working out. February was a pretty slow month for me fitness-wise and I didn’t run or workout much at all after RED January!

The weather has been picking up a little lately (not that I’m a fair weather runner you understand!) so it will be much nicer to get out and run.

I literally have no excuse for not working out either with a drawer full of workout DVDs and a spin bike in my house! I’ve got tons of races coming up and I need to be fit enough to get a decent time.

Drink More Water

Everyone knows they need to drink more water and usually I’m enthusiastic and can do it for a few days or so and then I just…. forget… or I’m just sick of having to go to the bathroom every hour.

Either way, my peppermint tea consumption is up and I’ll just have to suck it up (literally) and drink more like I know I should.

Go to Bed Earlier

In keeping with the ‘working too much’ theme I’ve been pushing back my bedtime later and later.

Pushing myself to keep working past 9pm is a recipe for disaster as I know that even though my laptop might be off, my brain won’t be in time to go to sleep.

That then puts the entire week on the backfoot because I’m tired and can’t catch up on my sleep during the week.

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Less Time on Social Media

I’m not actually one for spending much time on social media in a personal capacity as it is so this one is pretty easy for me to adopt.

Because I use my phone a lot for work it can be very easy to drift into the Twitterverse when I’m in between apps and if it’s really bad I might even go on Facebook (you know I’m playing the procrastination game when I’m looking on FB)!

If I find myself scrolling mindlessly on one app or another I try and snap myself out of it and tell myself my time could be much better spent.

What are you go to steps you take to get yourself back on track?

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Easy Healthy Changes | healthy lifestyle
Easy Healthy Changes I’ve Made This Week
easy health changes | healthy lifestyle

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