Cheap But Cute DIY Medal Holder

what you'll need to make your own medal holder

When I first got into running races (ahem, mostly to collect medals) I quickly decided I needed a medal holder to display all of my race bling.

I scoured the interweb and found some really very nice ones on Amazon and Etsy but my gosh they were so expensive! Ideally, I wanted one that I could also attach my race bib numbers to as well as my medals but nothing really caught my eye (or they were way out of my price range) and didn’t go with my decor.

While perusing Amazon I came across a jewellery display which was pretty and I felt sure that, with a bit of imagination, I could turn it into a cute piece of decor for my room and display both my medals and my race bibs and also save me quite a few pennies.

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medal holder
White Jewellery Hanger and Organiser from Lovett & Co, Amazon

This jewellery hangar is definitely sturdy enough for all of my medals to hang from it, and they’re quite hefty in weight. How did I display my medals?

Things you’ll need to make your medal holder: –

medal holder

First of all, I placed it somewhere that looked best on the wall, hammering in the nails, attaching my bibs with some pretty clips and hangging my medals and voila! A cute, inexpensive, pretty medal holder.

medal holder
And here you have the final medal holder on display

Who says that running has to be an expensive sport (literally no-one has ever said this, it’s an expensive as you want it to be)!

How do you like to display your medals and bibs, do you throw them away or do you keep them?

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