30 Days of Happiness Challenge

Happiness Challenge | 30 days to get happy

If you’re leading a very busy and hectic life and you need to spend more time on your self care, here are some daily ideas for you to take part in a 30 Days of Happiness Challenge.

Some of these are based around physical activity and health and others are just for some mental clarity and unplugging yourself from the daily stresses of life in this modern technology driven age.

I’m taking part in this challenge too so I’d love for you to join along with me and let’s make self care a part of your day!

I’ve also created a FREE 30 Day Happiness Challenge printable for you to stick on your wall for some extra motivation.

Day 1 | Make a gratitude list
Day 2 | Try going a day without complaining
Day 3 | Have a day free of electronics (yes that includes your mobile)
Day 4 | Read an inspiring book
Day 5 | Make a list of all of your accomplishments
Day 6 | Have a purge of your clothes and donate any to charity
Day 7 | Learn a new healthy recipe
Day 8 | Set up a budget plan
Day 9 | Take a mindful walk
Day 10 | Sign up for a yoga class
Day 11 | Arrange to meet a friend for coffee
Day 12 | Create a vision board
Day 13 | Take up a sport like running
Day 14 | Write down 3 things that make you happy
Day 15 | Unfollow people that don’t serve you on social media
Day 16 | Go vegan or vegetarian for the day
Day 17 | Have an early night
Day 18 | Listen to an inspiring podcast
Day 19 | Follow a meditation video on YouTube
Day 20 | Treat yourself to a massage or manicure
Day 21 | Volunteer for a local charity or pet shelter
Day 22 | Leave the car at home and walk
Day 23 | Make a list of goals for the following month
Day 24 | Plan a night of board games with friends
Day 25 | Take a relaxing bath
Day 26 | Write down 3 daily positive affirmations
Day 27 | Do some drawing or colouring
Day 28 | Declutter one space in your home
Day 29 | Start a bullet journal
Day 30 | Explore your city with a free tour or museum visit

If you’re taking part in this challenge let me know your favourites and also your favourite things to do to bring back some daily happiness into your life.

Happiness Challenge | 30 days to get happy
30 Days of Happiness Challenge | Self Care


  1. February 13, 2019 / 9:52 am

    wow! so beautifully written. I’m totally looking forward to being happy with this challenge. 🙂

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