RED January The Struggle Is Real (days 14-20)

RED January The Struggle Is Real (days 14-20)

This week I sort of felt like I was doing the bare minimum but I was happy that I managed to get out every day even when I was busy and had plans. I’ve had a bit of an emotional week this week and I think that’s been reflected in my running.

Let’s get into this week’s Run Every Day January Challenge!

Read all about RED January here and how you can get involved and how it can help you with your mental health.

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Day 14 >>> 1 mile >>> Is this still happening?

The procrastination is real in this one. Instead of coming home from work and putting my running shoes on right away and getting the run done, I’ll sit around for like an hour on the edge of my sofa so I’m not actually sat down but I’m not exactly stood up either… then I’ll eventually get my butt up and go out.

I don’t know why I’m like this, it’s so annoying I would’ve thought I would be in some sort of routine by now but apparently not!

Day 15>>> 1.1 mile >>> yep this is definitely still happening

Professional procrastinator that I am I distracted myself pre-run with some Zak Effron in Bad Neighbours. Do I want to order a takeaway before I leave now? No, I do not, I want to be as fit as that, please. I bet Zak doesn’t eat chicken kebab and cheesy chips from the local takeaway…

I’ve been finding that my right foot is not enjoying this challenge much. I’ve suffered in the past with the dreaded plantar fasciitis but managed to stave it off to continue running.

Tonight was my first run this year in the rain and that pretty much sums up today.

As does me trying to run around a man and two dogs in the dark by taking a short cut and not knowing where I was going and went down a dead end road and ended up coming out right in front of him anyway. Increases the mileage a little I suppose…

I felt heavy today, my legs felt heavy, my eyes felt heavy… feels like someone turned gravity on a little more?!

Day 16 >>> 0.8 miles >>> All about Mind

I appeared on the Mind Charity’s social media pages today for taking part in RED January which I thought was pretty cool!

I may or may not have sat down on the footstool and swayed side to side for 15 min because I didn’t really want to go out. It’s got cold again, my foot was hurting, I was super tired and my hair was a mess.

That called for a pyjama run (it was dark it’s fine) even if it was a short one. Getting out there is just the worst part I’m so bad, I should get straight home and go straight out… but I don’t so that’s just the way things are.

Day 17 >>> 2.03 miles >>> Lovely Runch

I was working from home today so I used my lunch break as an opportunity to go for today’s run (runch). It was lovely and sunny out but it was chilly and a little windy. What is it about being out of the house on a weekday afternoon when it’s sunny that feels so amazing!

I had a great breakfast but I felt a little lethargic while I was out. Once I got home from running I felt more productive and energised, RED January really is living up to its name.

That means I’ll have more time this evening to sew all of the buttons onto my RED January t-shirt that I’ve been putting off for 4 days…

Day 18 >>> 0.7 miles >>> Short and Sweet

I was meeting a friend in the evening for a drink and a natter so I had to get home and do a short run. Was pretty pleased with 0.7 miles to be honest…

Day 19 >>> 1 mile >>> Strange Run Today

I was in a very strange mood today and left my run until the last minute possible. I’d already done a 3 mile walk in the morning but when I finally went out for a run I was weirdly emotional and felt upset about everything and also nothing.

Seeing people out with their dogs made me particularly sad and made me miss my Pupper.

Day 20 >>> 1 mile >>> A mile is a mile

I stayed over at a friend’s house last night and had yummy pizza and a lovely chill out. I got home about lunchtime and decided I needed some breakfast before I went out for my run.

So, first I did that… then I watched the rest of You on Netflix (not sure how I feel about the ending) and then Inception. Then I had a snooze and finally went out about 7pm. Strangely there was no one around. Even stranger than that is that I feel no more fit than I did at the beginning of the challenge! How is that possible??

Oh, I also forgot to mention that I did another pyjama run tonight too… what can I say, running is running and if I’m doing it in my pyjamas then that’s happening.

The colder weather had made it very difficult to want to get out there and run this week but I’m pretty pleased I managed a mile every day except two!

On an absolutely unrelated note to running, I had to share a little project I put my hand to this afternoon (it wasn’t all films and snoozing).

While I was leaving Asda the other day I saw a clothes sale rack which had some sparkly skirts left over from the Christmas party season. One in particular caught my eye with the on-trend reversible sequin fabric.

There was one skirt which was in a large enough size that I felt it would fit perfectly over my old fashioned footstool! I borrowed my Mum’s staple gun and stapled the fabric all around the underside and made a pretty cool piece of furniture if I do say so myself!

I am a tad obsessive though trying to ensure every sequin is facing the right way…

If you’ve been taking part in RED January too, how are you keeping your motivation up? With 11 days left to go I feel pretty optimistic I can see it through the rest of the challenge.

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