Half Marathon Training | Week 10 | Diary of an Injured Runner – Easter Bunny Edition

Half Marathon Training | Week 10 | Diary of an Injured Runner – Easter Bunny Edition

I lost an hour of my life and I’m feeling it! I spent the entire week trying to claw that hour back but unfortunately it’s been stolen from me forever!! I’m going to call this week ‘one big taper week’ because I have not even run once as I’ve had a crazy busy week. I knew I wasn’t going to get as much running in as I’d have liked but I’m also welcoming the break to make sure I don’t overdo it for next week’s half marathon.

Monday | Rest Day
This daylight savings business is so annoying, I felt so tired all day because I couldn’t sleep (it felt like it was too early to sleep) and then I woke up at 5am. Thank goodness we’ve got a 4 day week this week as I’m not sure I could make it through 5 days! Does anyone else feel like this when the clocks change? I want my hour back, thanks so much. I tried to do some work when I got home but everything I wrote sounded awful so I decided to give it a rest for the evening and do some mindless tasks instead.

Tuesday | Work Day
I worked my 9-5 all day today and then I went to a friend’s work and did some work in the warehouse. It was really tiring but time did go super quick! No time for me to run today, but as always, I feel like I need that extra day to recover after a run (and a course PB whoop!).

Wednesday | Rest Day (aka Pizza day)
Another rest day today and I took full advantage of this and ate some delicious pizza too!

Thursday | Kinda Sick Day
I’ve been so so tired this week it’s been unreal. As I was driving to work I could see spots in front of my eyes and I knew that it was because I was tired from the week so I’m very much looking forward to the bank holiday 4 day weekend where I can have a bit of a rest (which also means doing tons of stuff that I need to do and not resting at all). I spent the evening having a bit of a chill out and watching the series finale of Friends while balling my eyes out. ‘Did she get off the plane?’. ‘I got off the plane’. Gets me every time!

This Snapchat filter sums up perfectly my mood today

Friday | Bank Holiday
We woke up at 6am this morning so I decided that I’d get stuck in to some work. We are still riding the tired train but 3 mochas later, I’m feeling a little more upbeat. I’m also planning for a special blog post project in April which is going to be a huge change for me but I’m ready.

Saturday | Work Day
I spent all day working today from the minute I got up until the minute I went to bed so no running for me today. I’m trying to make the most of this break and being as productive as I possibly can.

Sunday | Easter Day
Happy Easter everyone! Here’s a picture of my real-life Easter Bunny Teddy – who is a total rascal but he’s just cute enough to get away with it and he never seems to get a mention on my blog and he’s just a part of the family as everyone else.

I’ve started day one of my special project today and so far it’s going well I just need to make sure that I’m super organised and stay focused because I just cannot accept the thought of failing something once I’ve put my mind to it.

So this week has been great (really really not), I’ve not done any workouts at all except walking. Honestly, the reality is that I’m scared to injure myself or find that I can’t run and I won’t be able to do my half marathon…. I’m planning to do a short couple of runs next week and lots and lots of stretching! This time next week I’ll be writing about my half marathon and I really wish I had been 100% so that I could have trained better – I’m so jealous of everyone who can just go out and run as much and as often as they want to!

I hope your week has been amazing and you’re slaying any injuries that you may have.

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