Half Marathon Training | Week 2 | Diary of an Injured Runner

Monday| Week 2 | Rest Day
Heck I have got serious DOMS today after yesterday’s 10k. I’m super sad that I’ve lost so much fitness in a short space of time and I can’t say I’m a fan of being part of the not-being-able-to-get-up-because-my-legs-hurt club.

Tuesday| Week 2 | Run with Pupper
I was feeling super blah today so I decided that, rather than run first and take pup out after, I’d take her with me. We haven’t run together for around a year on the leash because she had some issues with her back leg last January and I’ve been too scared to run with her since. A gentle jog was on the agenda and whatever she felt comfortable with and she was a little star and managed to run the whole way with no issues. Perhaps I’m just a controlling puppy mother and I need to give her more credit.

Distance: 1.6 miles
Warm up: only did a gentle jog because of pup
Cool down: none, I forgot again


Who’s a good girl??

Wednesday | Week 2 | Rest Day
I felt really unhappy with the way I looked in my race photos from the Longleat 10k and I really need to work on my diet. Spent the evening trying to find some new recipes for me to try.

Thursday| Week 2 | Rest Day
“2 Rest Days in a row” I hear you cry! Yep, this is why I need to run on a Monday because my days of the week (and let’s be honest, hair washes) don’t line up… runners problems eh.

Friday | Week 2 | Easy Run
I had a not great day at work today and by the time I got home I had a headache, blurry eyes and my back was killing me. I knew that I needed to fit a run in though but didn’t have a goal in mind. Since I’ve been running again after being ill I’ve been doing mostly easy runs to get myself back into it. I really feel like I need that time to recover before I start going ham on the intervals and hills! I went out with 5k in mind and managed to push myself to do just over 4.5 miles.

Distance: 4.6 miles
Injuries: a bit of an ingrown toenail and some shin pain from running in my old shoes
Times I convinced myself to go further: 3
Warm up: started with a gentle jog
Cool down: 5 minute lower body cool down
Playlist fave: Jessie J ~ Domino

Saturday | Week 2 | Another Rest day
I’m away from home visiting family this weekend so no running today but I’m planning to go out tomorrow for a little run (and possibly a little bit of getting lost too). I’ve been struggling with inner shin pain since yesterday’s run, I hope I can shake this and that my plantar fasciitis doesn’t come back. I lost sooooo many days of training last year from it I didn’t improve much at all the last 6 months of the year!!

Sunday| Week 2 | Pupper paced-part trail run
A very slow (Labrador dictated) jog today. I had to take the furry one out with me again. We started in the woods but I wasn’t sure which way to go and we only went around half of the park which was very muddy. Then we got onto the pavements and while pup started strong she was struggling the last mile or so. She had 2 lots of off leash running and she always runs like a crazy one so it’s no surprise she had a bad leg when we got home.

I also accidentally signed up for 2 more races this year which will take me up to 16 so far.

Distance: 4 miles
Injuries: the pain on the side of my shins is back on both legs… I need to figure out why otherwise this is going to stop me running again!
Mud baths: 5
Warm up: started with a gentle jog
Cool down: forgot, again


NEXT WEEK: – Increase the intensity for at least one run | Sunday Race Day!

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  1. February 5, 2018 / 1:05 am

    So nice you were able to get out running with your dog. Hoping your plantar fasciitis will stay at bay. All the best on your Sunday race day!

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