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How to Not Go Stir-Crazy When You’re Suffering From an Injury

Belle’s Running Blog is, at the moment, ‘Belle’s Hobbling Blog’! I’ve been diagnosed with tendonitis in my right foot and I’ve been unable to put weight on it for nearly 2 weeks to date, with… View Post

Runner on Crutches – A Shocking Diagnosis

What a week! I get a totally shocking diagnosis this week after a swift visit to A&E when my pain came back and became unbearable… you won’t believe what they told me and how they… View Post

196 Day Challenge ~ Week 5

This week, I get a diagnosis for my ‘hobble’ and it’s not the best news but it’s also not the worst news ever. Sunday ~ day 29 After all of my hobbling around on the… View Post

Why women make such great runners

Who run the world… Girls!!! Literally! Don’t been fooled by our quaffed hair and dainty mannerisms, women make the best runners and here are some of the reasons why. They have amazing mental resilience The… View Post

My 196 Day Challenge ~ Week 4

Just when my 196 day challenge was starting to heat up, disaster struck! Monday ~ day 23 Monday is always my meal prep day and as we are nearing pay day, I have to be… View Post